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Why are we no longer able to access photographs?

We used to be able to extend an image search to include photographs but this feature appears to have gone. Any particular reason? the clipart is very limiting as it tends to be comic style

Anne Croft , 03.10.2011, 10:05
Idea status: completed


johnyma22, 03.10.2011, 12:07
Advanced image search is now fixed. Once the caches update it will be sorted :) Thanks for letting us know
Dave, 18.10.2011, 11:05
I have just been asked by one of the primary schools I support if this search engine would be suitable for them to use.
After trying a test word in the image search (minge) I get a nice drawing and 6 alternative slang terms for minge.
Not sure the image search is that safe!
johnyma22, 18.10.2011, 13:28
None of the words are offensive however you can click report image and it gets reported and schools can not see it after that. If you directly search for offensive words you will find what you are looking for.

"Safe Search Image search" is safer than normal image search. PLEASE use the "Report Image" button in the future to report these images.
Matthew, 18.08.2016, 16:42
I am going to use the SafeSearch browser for my class to use but wanted to discuss copyright of images with them. Are the images that come up when the children search for items copyright protected?

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